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GNCR Holding which always breaks new ground is at the peak of the power…


GNCR Holding which has been established in 1976 adopts the principle ‘’always to break new ground”.

It has acquired a vision to maintain the existence as the company group;

·        being the leader of their respective sector,

·        having pioneer and trusted brand investment,

·        contributing to the country’s economy,

·        performing all initiatives and structuring in recent years in line with this framework,

·        most preferred by Customers, stakeholders and employees,

·        preserving the structure of the strategic growth with 100% local capital.


GNCR Holding with its employees, strong organizational structure and the concept of modern enterprise management;   focus on changing customer and market needs, and offers high-quality products and services that they will easily access at affordable prices to consumers, and builds strong partnerships with the customers provided the best products and services by the market.

The power of GNCR Holding is from both the promised things and the performed works. GNCR Holding continues the activities taking into consideration their benefits with the policy based on trust, by thinking consumers, customers, employees and the community. GNCR Holding will stand on continuously improving and strengthening itself.